Supports versions 1.8-1.19


Prison is a gamemode like none other. Starting at the lowest rank: A, you must earn your freedom by mining, selling, and auctioning and using that money to buy your way up the system. This gametype is a good mix of PvP and economy!


SpaceBlock is the most incredible survival game you will ever play! Build on your private spaceship, or team with friends. Explore ever changing Planets to gather resources. Interact in a player driven economy. Join Now!


Simplicity is beautiful, Minecraft SkyBlock Allows players to create their floating paradise from the sky down. With features such as invites and block protection this server plugin was one of the very first to be featured in the minecraft.


A sole player is zombified. The zombified player must seek out other players brains. After each player dies they are turned into zombies. Minecraft Infection is all about being the last player remaining to be claimed the winner. It is very easy to pick up and highly addicting.